Friday, January 5, 2018

Paintings of Stow, Massachusetts

On display at Emma's Cafe at the Stow Shopping Plaza (117 Great Road, Stow, Massachusetts) from mid-January through late March, 2018.

1. Alpenglow on Rockbottom Farm; oil on canvas, 18x24, $1400
2.  Stow’s Motif Number One; oil on canvas, 18x24, $500
3. Assabet Bridge from Magazu Landing, Stow; oil on canvas, 18x24, $900

4. Two Adirondacks on Assabet, oil on canvas, 18x24, $500

5. West School, Harvard Road, Stow; oil on linen, 16x20, $400

6. Grist Mill, Wayside Inn Road, Sudbury; 16x20, giclee print; $250

7. Stow Acres Country Club, Randall Road; oil on canvas, 16x20, $250

8. Rockbottom Farm Drumlin &  Buildings, Stow; oil on canvas, 24x18, $800

9. Daises and Cottages, Stow; oil on canvas, 18x24, $500

10. Stow Unitarian Universalist Church; pen on paper, 7x10, $100

11. Rockbottom Farm over Assabet; watercolor on paper, 9x12, $100

12. Female Merganser in Ramshorn Swamp; watercolor on paper,  9x12, $100

13. Elizabeth Brook Dam, Carver Hill in spring; watercolor on paper; 9x12, $100

14. Red Barn on Sudbury Road, Stow; oil on panel,  11x14, $300

16. Cabin on Lake Boon, Barton Road, Stow; 5x7,  $50

15. Red barn with fence, Sudbury Road, Stow; oil on canvas, 9x15, $450

18. Yellow House porch; oil on canvas, 11x14, $300

19. Yellow House, Gleasondale; oil on linen, 14x17, $300

20. Gardener’s House, Berlin; oil on linen, 9x12, $150

21. Randall Library, Stow, pen and watercolor on paper; 9x12, $250

22. Stow Town Hall, 375 Great Road; oil on canvas, 11x14, $300

Other paintings, not on display at Emma's:

Potash Brook in Fall; oil on canvas, 18x24, $200

Potash Brook in Summer; oil on canvas, 18x24, $200

Assabet from Chapin Street Bridge, Hudson, oil on panel, 12x16, $150
South Acton Station Overpass, oil on panel, 12x16, $150

Birch Hill Road, Stow; watercolor on paper, 5.5x8.5, $50

Elizabeth Brook Dam, Carver Hill, watercolor on paper, 5x7, 2014 

 Pair of Red Delicious, watercolor on paper, 5x7, 2013

 Take A Seat 2, watercolor on paper, 5x7, 2017